[Cocoa-sharp] Rép : Problems with CocoaSharp Menu constructor missing

Joanna Carter cocoasharp at carterconsulting.org.uk
Mon Nov 3 05:07:35 EST 2008

Le 30 oct. 08 à 19:19, Matt Emson a écrit :

| Have you run the same code as C# using the Mono C# compiler?

So far, I can't even get XCode to build a C# project (XCode 3.0), I get 
the following message :

 >> warning: no rule to process file '$(PROJECT_DIR)/MonoCSharp.cs' of 
type sourcecode.csharp for architecture i386

| I know you are a Pascal bod (as I've met you at least once at a Delphi 
event), but I'm getting the feeling that Oxygene might be at fault.

I may have been a Pascal 'bod' but have spent the last four years 
writing almost exclusively in C# and am just trying out Oxygene for a 
demo of cross platform application building using Mono.

I have just used Reflector to examine the cocoa-sharp.dll and it shows 
the parameterised Menu constructor to accept a string, not an IntPtr as 
suggested in the Oxygene compilation error. Since NSMenu also accepts an 
NSString*, maybe this would appear to be incorrect codegen on the part 
of the Oxygene plugin. I will contact Marc from RemObjects with my findings.


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