[Cocoa-sharp] Colors button on toolbar causes app to blowup

Joanna Carter cocoasharp at carterconsulting.org.uk
Tue Nov 25 08:35:31 EST 2008

marc hoffman a écrit :

> yes, we are looking at Monobjc, currently, as  a ore feasible solution 
> than Cocoa#. the problem is that i, at least, am coming at this as a 
> third party vendor, and as long as Cocoa# is the "official" library 
> that ships with Mono, our customers expect us to support this. As it 
> stads, if they start developing a Cocoa# app with our compiler, things 
> blow because of Cocoa# bugs, and they blame us ;)
Just to let the list know that I have been working with Marc on getting 
his product to work with OS X and would agree that, unless the Cocoa# 
libraries are fixed soon, I can't see them getting much use.

I have found, so far, the Monobjc solution to be far easier to get 
working, with far less bugs.

Is there a possibility that Monobjc can be included in the Mono distro, 
as an alternative, so that folks will not think that a very broken 
Cocoa# is the only way to go ??


Joanna Carter
Carter Consulting

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