[Mono-docs-list] HTML docs

Joshua Tauberer tauberer@for.net
Tue, 18 May 2004 22:54:33 -0400

Okay, my changes are committed, but I don't have time to write a howto 
right now.

I updated the corlib docs that I posted last time:
to browse it online.

genbasedocs.sh now works pretty well, but it takes forever and is only 
running on the corlib docs.

monodocs2html.exe is the real program, which is now working very well. 
That's how you can generate html docs for arbitrary assemblies.

It does need this "mysterious" index.xml file :), which for now can be 
created by using the stub command of monodocer.exe.

- Joshua Tauberer


** Nothing Unreal Exists **

Mike Kestner wrote:
 > Hello docsters,
 > I'm looking for info on the state of the art in HTML documentation
 > production from monodoc source docs.  I've scanned the monodoc cvs
 > module and found monodoc/tools/genhtml.sh, but it seems to require a
 > mysterious index.xml file that is undocumented and doesn't seem to be
 > part of the current doc structure for either Gtk# or the class docs.
 > So, are there tools to produce HTML docs from either monodoc source xml
 > or assembled monodoc .tree files?