[Mono-list] Installation Ubuntu and Fedora

Juan Camilo Prada Ojeda aquiles_caigo2 at yahoo.es
Tue Jun 26 22:26:27 EDT 2007

Hello everybody!
Right now im trying to learn to programm  in Mono, i have a one of my
computers with an Ubuntu 7.04 installation and one with Fedora 7. 
Although i've search and find lots of useful information on the web,
i've never found a really good guide that helps me install mono in a
correct way specially for Ubuntu.

Is there any .deb file with all the packages needed? (ubuntu case)

In Fedora i tried downloading all rpm packages from mono official
website (the ones for Fedora core 5) and when i try to install the RPMs
i got an error message.

I also tried using the .bin that is also in mono official website but
when i install some other applications based in mono (Tomboy,
Banshee...) stop working, and i cant start monodevelop

Thank you for your help!
Juan Camilo Prada

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