[mono-android] Runtime reliability of 1.0.2

Andrew Sinclair andrew at magic5software.com
Mon Aug 15 12:38:49 EDT 2011



I'm getting worse runtime reliability with 1.0.2 than with 1.0.1.


For instance, seemingly-random WIN DEATH messages with no Mono for Android
error within well-exercised parts of the application that have worked fine
for a long time.


With 1.0.1 this type of thing seemed to be GC-related, but I don't see such
an obvious pattern here (ie. a crash isn't associated with a GC_EXPLICIT
just beforehand.)


Is anybody else seeing similar things? Or noticed an improvement since


Jonathan - the 1.0.1 download isn't available on the Releases page, is there
anywhere I can grab this to do some more testing?






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Hey Everyone! 

We are proud to announce the first Xamarin release of Mono for Android!  It
took us a while to relearn our release infrastructure, but now we are ready
to resume frequent updates! 

Some changes included in 1.0.2: 

- System.Data.Services.Client.dll is now included. 
- System.IO.IsolatedStorage is now included. 
- Bug fixes in Garbage Collection 
- Various bug fixes 

Full notes: 

MonoDevelop users should be prompted to upgrade next time they open
MonoDevelop, or can use Help->Check for Updates. 

Visual Studio users should download the latest 'trial' version from
http://xamarin.com/trial and install it on top of their current version.  If
you've already activated, the new one will be activated as well. 

Happy hacking! 

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