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I realize that there is a lot of frustration with Attachmate and the entire situation in general.  I know that I am upset over this.  Heck, I've had multiple thousands of $s get pulled off the table over this.  The roadmaps listed will never be completed.  At the same time, what would someone hope to gain besides 125% of the amount paid?  I don't think you can sue for your time in the US, but I am not a lawyer.  Would you be able to get the lawyer's fees back?  Lawsuits take a tremendous amount of time.  I'm not sure what country you are in, but I'm not sure that everyone can join the same lawsuit?
I think the best thing to do at this point is to start with:1.  Email.  Send an email, and yes, you will most likely have to guess the correct emails.  You can also send emails to the official addresses, such as support at novell.com and similar.2.  Blog about this.  3.  Talk with the people in the media that you know and see if you can get their help.
4.  Registered letters to the attachmate, novell, and suse offices.
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It's been over 2 weeks and I've yet to receive any reply on any of my enquiries either.
I even sent the same feedback on the article saying that they would continue to support Attachmate voicing my concerns and their lack of efforts MonoTouch/* and it's still "awaiting moderation"
Basically apart from saying that they would, they have shown no signs of supporting MonoTouch in any capacity since they retired the Mono team.

Not sure what the best way forward, apart from publicizing their non-existing support.
- Demis

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 9:09 PM, William Shepard <wlmshep at googlemail.com> wrote:

Attachmate has given us nothing, but lies.  Is anyone getting any real replies from anyone at Attachmate? We called support, and just got a weasel answer.

They claimed on their blog post that all Mono products will continue, but have yet to release *any* updates.

There have been no responses to bugs for weeks, no XCode4 support has been delivered, monodroid never got the crasher and performance fixes that were promised, none of the promised APIs, and none of the promised support for Honeycomb.

Does anyone have the email addresses of the Attachmate executives that have been commenting in the press on Mono? (Nils Brockman and Jeff Hawn).

We need to reach out to these people and explain to them that this is unacceptable. They do not seem to understand the first thing about what these products are, and how their decisions are impacting months of development for many developers.

I see people talking about refunds and fraud, but that is nothing compared to the man hours invested in the products these bozos killed. We made major commitments based on Novell's promises. 

A few weeks ago there was talk of a class-action lawsuit, did that go anywhere? I want to let Attachmate know that I plan to participate on that.


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