[MonoTouch] Monotouch Status w/r/t the new SDK provisions - some answers

Steve.Mentzer at lw.com Steve.Mentzer at lw.com
Fri Apr 9 18:15:42 EDT 2010

I emailed Steve Jobs earlier today, and either he (or some delegate) replied, and the answers were pretty clear.

Paraphrasing his reply: "The new provision is ONLY intended to apply to applications distributed through the app store."

My thoughts: This is significant because v4.0 of the iPhone OS is supposed to provide for enterprise customers to deploy their apps directly to devices without using the app store. Therefore, in theory, in-house applications would still be able to leverage MonoTouch.

So, I replied back to him, and explained that my firm intends to both create in-house applications, as well as distribute apps via the app store:

Paraphrasing his reply: "Sorry, if you use the app store, you need to adhere to the T.O.S."

My thoughts: This is pretty clear-cut. I am not sure if apple is going to enforce the new provision, but if we intend to distribute via the app store, it looks like MonoTouch is a dead end.

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