[MonoTouch] Hypothetical solutions to TOS changes.

Rob Sutherland rob at robsutherland.net
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That would be a tough sell. Sure Apple is big now - and going to get bigger
- but it would be really tough to say that this app is only going to be on
the iPhone. Some apps sure I could say that, but a line of business app or
an app the works with another system no. How would that exclusivity be
determined anyway? Name of the app? Functionality - there isn't a lot that
isn't done already - just different (and better) ways of doing it. 


It is an interesting thought. 


I think part of the terms change is a exclusivity issue, but I don't think
that's the only motive. I think they want to keep the UI consistent and
quality high across apps. They don't really want someone reinventing the
UITableView either. They want apps on the iPhone to behave a certain way to
have a similar look and feel familiar and comfortable to the end user. 


My thought is that monoTouch follows this same thought pattern. Uses
Interface builder and encourages developing traditionally iPhone apps. It
just uses C# to do it instead of objective-c/c++/c . 


To a great extent I understand Apple's thinking - I don't like it, but I
understand it. In a world where open source software is growing and big
companies are becoming more open and transparent and releasing big code
blocks under some type of permissive license it seems odd to go this far


Here's to seeing how it all comes out in the next few days and weeks. 



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If John Gruber is right and one of Apple's concerns is based on exclusivity
(http://daringfireball.net/2010/04/why_apple_changed_section_331), how would
we react if Apple's solution was to force our apps to be iPhone\iPad

What kinds of guarantees would be required for you to agree with it?  It
wouldn't take much for me, but I'd like to hear thoughts on it. :)


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