[MonoTouch] The beginnings of MonoTouch.....was it Cocoa#?

Neil Kennedy neilkennedy at live.ie
Wed Sep 1 08:31:41 EDT 2010


I was going through some old mailing lists on ximian.com to help with
my thesis and I noticed there's a Cocoa-Sharp project that started in
2004. Was Cocoa-Sharp used to create the MonoTouch bindings (or had it any influence on MonoTouch at all)?

I'm trying to write a chapter on the beginning of MonoTouch and I'm wondering whether or not to say that the origins of MonoTouch date back to the Cocoa# project. 

If anyone has any other information about the beginnings of MonoTouch it would be greatly appreciated. Its a technical research based thesis so I'm looking for as much technical information as possible.

Miguel's post about early Mono (http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-list/2003-October/016345.html) is great, so if anyone has a similar story about MonoTouch it would brilliant!

Thanks very much,
Neil Kennedy
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