[MonoTouch] The beginnings of MonoTouch.....was it Cocoa#?

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I don't know about the longterm history, but I know a very little bit shortterm.  This was gleaned from listening to Joe Hill speak at devLink in Nashville last month.  Joe said that there had been some work done towards supporting the mac directly (perhaps MonoMac).  Last year, they noticed how a lot of developers had iPhones.  I think that there was a skunworks type of work already going on with the iPhone, but that is personal opinion.  They saw the market need, began to apply their existing work from MonoMac and and the result was MonoTouch.  I'm sure that the Novell guys will fill in the missing pieces and will fix what I said.
Anyway, take that for what it is worth and what you paid for it.


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Subject: [MonoTouch] The beginnings of MonoTouch.....was it Cocoa#?


I was going through some old mailing lists on ximian.com to help with my thesis and I noticed there's a Cocoa-Sharp project that started in 2004. Was Cocoa-Sharp used to create the MonoTouch bindings (or had it any influence on MonoTouch at all)?

I'm trying to write a chapter on the beginning of MonoTouch and I'm wondering whether or not to say that the origins of MonoTouch date back to the Cocoa# project. 

If anyone has any other information about the beginnings of MonoTouch it would be greatly appreciated. Its a technical research based thesis so I'm looking for as much technical information as possible.

Miguel's post about early Mono (http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-list/2003-October/016345.html) is great, so if anyone has a similar story about MonoTouch it would brilliant!

Thanks very much,
Neil Kennedy

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