[MonoTouch] Three20 with additional library projects

Brett Spurrier brett.spurrier at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 22:07:01 UTC 2012

Hi Mono Community,

I have a project which I'd like to have utilize the Three20 framework (I'm
using the monotouch-binding implementation at:
https://github.com/mono/monotouch-bindings). I've set up a sample project
and everything works great. However, my full solution also references other
libraries (as projects, not precompiled libraries), and when I build
everything, it build fine. However, when I deploy to the device and run the
app it crashes on the first site of a Three20 call.

However, it does NOT crash on the simulator.

How can this be? I've tried various combinations of flags and linker
options, but nothing seems to work.

Again, my app runs fine when my project libraries are include OR Three20 is
included, but NOT both.
Might anyone have any idea? I'm at a complete loss here.

What information might help debug this?

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