[Moonlight-list] help for running desklet

giuseppe carnevali carnev75 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 11:56:46 EST 2009

ok, I downloaded from svn the mono-2-6-p1 tag, compiled and installed. then
Moonlight 1.0.1p3 and now I have a working: mopen, mcs (v2.6.0.0), smcs
I have tryed to run the desklet calculator and all is ok. then I have tryed
the other desklet but no one works... for example: if i go in glassyclock
direcotory and run ./glassyclock I get:

ManagedXamlLoader::LoadObject (clock.dll, clock.dll, , Desklets.Clock)
failed: Argument cannot be null.
Parameter name: source (System.ArgumentNullException).
Could not parse element Canvas, attribute Class, error: Unable to resolve
x:Class type 'Desklets.Clock;assembly=clock.dll'

mopen: Could not load xaml

I don't know what to do,any suggestion !?
could be the fact the version of smcs ?!
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