[Moonlight-list] changes bound for the 2.0 branch

Chris Toshok toshok at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 19:29:16 EST 2009

Here's the list of changes bound for the 2.0 branch.  If you have an 
issue with any of them, or have some changes that need to be carried 
over that I missed, let me know.  I'll be going through them 
cherry-picking them over tomorrow morning.


since 145924

perf improvements:

toshok   r146279 (optimize Loaded tree walking)
toshok   r146278 (optimize Loaded tree walking)
rolf     r145954 (inline methods)
rolf     r145955 (cache system fonts)
rolf     r145956 (make the "cache system fonts" compile)
rolf     r145973 (remove type checks in value)
rolf     r145976 (inline methods)
rolf     r145979 (type perf improvements)
rolf     r146116 (cache depl / application in WalkTreeForLoadedHandlers)
rolf     r146143 (only create event lists when an event handler is added)

bug fixes:

rolf     r146382 (rtvoost.nl fixes)
rolf     r146381 (rtvoost.nl fixes)
jeff     r146371 (silverlight always sets pagedown/up events Handled = true)
spouliot r146370 (don't consider System.Xml.dll and 
Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll platform code)
alan     r146365 (grid star row/column fixes)
jackson  r146364 (set the cookie header)
jeff     r146360 (rtvoost.nl url fix)
alan     r146349 (Grid::ArrangeOverride dead code removal)
rolf     r146347 (compiler warning fix)
rolf     r146346 (if the user explicitly requested redownloading codecs, 
show the ui even if they've said "don't show me the UI")
alan     r146288 (update tests)
lewing   r146286 (rework layout clipping slightly)
lewing   r146285 (layout fixes)
alan     r146267 (update arrange tests)
spouliot r146258 (new tests)
rolf     r146254 (remove spew)
lewing   r146213 (fix mediaelement rendering to match image)
lewing   r146207 (fix bug in Shape MeasureOverride)
jeff     r146185 (make codec EULA dialog resizable)
jeff     r146183 (quit media warning)
jeff     r146180 (make codec EULA dialog resizable)
jeff     r146177 (silence generator warnings)
lewing   r146172 (rework rectangle and ellipse layout logic)
alan     r146164 (Move the invoking of OnApplyTemplate from Control to 
alan     r146163 (Call the correct base method in the GetDefaultTemplate 
alan     r146162 (set needs_measure/arrange when attaching a new layer)
rolf     r145822 (fix surface null warning when going to fullscreen)
rolf     r145975 (crash fix)
rolf     r146122 (asx playlist fix for bug #555047)
rolf     r146124 (make the "asx playlist fix" compile)
geoff    r146095 (case insensitive lookups of mdb files as well as dlls)
lewing   r146061 (Fix image stretching and alignment)
andreia  r146080 (application/deployment ref fixes for desktop shutdown 
andreia  r146059 (application/deployment ref fixes for desktop shutdown 

3.0 features/stubs:

rolf     r146380 (LogReady implementation)
toshok   r146171 (EnableGPUAcceleration stubbed)
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