[Moonlight-list] UIElement::UseBackToFront confusion..

David Reveman davidr at novell.com
Tue Nov 17 20:34:55 EST 2009

function currently looks like this:

UIElement::UseBackToFront ()
	return VisualTreeWalker (this).GetCount () < MIN_FRONT_TO_BACK_COUNT;

which seems fine but it's used as if the result it would return is that
of a function called UseFrontToBack. example:

runtime.cpp:	bool front_to_back = uielement->UseBackToFront ();
uielement.cpp:	if (!UseBackToFront ()) {

the use of the function seems wrong to me.. i would simply change it to:

runtime.cpp: bool front_to_back = !uielement->UseBackToFront ();
uielement.cpp: if (UseBackToFront ()) {

but that means that the current use of "front-to-back" rendering is
pretty broken.. what is the logic behind this?
is MIN_FRONT_TO_BACK_COUNT supposed to be the minimum number of
children required for front-to-back rendering or is it the other way

- david

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