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Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Wed Nov 18 07:01:56 EST 2009


> Good morning,
> As I'm new to this list I'd like to introduce myself: I am a developer
> for the Dutch public broadcast organisation (NPO) and we have a large
> video on demand archive containing most of the public broadcasts from
> the last 4 years. New content is added every day, about 10 mins after
> it was broadcast on TV. We stream video in several formats, most
> noticably Windows Media (mms delivery) and QuickTime (rtsp delivery).
> Recently we have added a Silverlight v2 player to our main site:
> <http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/
>  > which uses the mms streams. We've had some success getting this
> player to run on the Moonlight 2.0 betas, but the latest beta 8 seems
> to provide worse playback than earlier betas (I've had success running
> it on beta 5).
> Is it possible to have our player added to the Moonlight 2.0 test
> sites? This is a production player that has been in use for some
> months now and is being used a lot on the websites of the different
> public broadcast organisations in the Netherlands and we'd love to
> have it work properly on Moonlight as well.
> The Uitzending Gemist website is entirely in Dutch unfortunately. But
> I have also created a stand-alone page with only the player at:
> <http://misc.omroep.nl/slplayer/  >.

I've just tried this link with the current HEAD (which is after beta 8,
there have been a few minor mms fixes since beta 8), and it seems to work

Exactly what kind of problems do you have? What happens (or not)? If you
could can execute firefox like this:

MOONLIGHT_DEBUG=mms firefox http://misc.omroep.nl/slplayer/  

and attach the result to a mail, I might be able to diagnose it.

I also tried a few links on the main site, but got a "Only available in
Netherlands" error.


> Any comments/suggestions are highly appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Sjoerd Tieleman
> --
> Sjoerd Tieleman
> Programmeur
> NPO Internetcoördinatie
> T: 035 6773839
> F: 035 6772497
> E: Sjoerd.Tieleman at omroep.nl
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