[Moonlight-list] changes committed to the 2.0 branch

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Mon Nov 23 09:54:53 EST 2009

> not merged yet

I think these should go in too:

146524 + 146643: fix a leak (ManagedTypeInfo never getting its string fields
freed, and in some cases mixing glib and libc memory routines).
146456: fix structure comparison to not use memcmp (random results due to
random memory in padding) + make equality and inequality operators for a
number of structures be the exact opposites of eachother.
146412 + 146413: allow configuring with --with-logging and --without-debug.

And a few "nice to have"s:

146534 + 146559: determine rendering quality level (resizing filter
strategy) based on count of dropped frames (will get nice fullscreen video
if you have a *really* beefy system).
146411 + 146457: don't use anonymous methods which require SSC (generated
name is not stable).


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