[Moonlight-list] [PATCH] Removal of MOON_A11Y_INTERNAL_HACK (was: Re: changes committed to the 2.0 branch)

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 20:55:02 EST 2009

Chris Toshok escribió:
> here's the exhaustive list of changes we've backported to the 2.0 branch 
> so far.
> ...
> not merged yet

Can r146790+r146791 be backported as well?

If yes, then I would like to propose also a couple of patches that would
let the a11y team finally achieve that our next upcoming release will
work OOTB with the Moonlight 2.0 release. They would just remove the
MOON_A11Y_INTERNAL_HACK env var that was previously used to assure that
a11y initialization didn't pose any security risks for normal users. Now
that we have implemented some unit tests for possible attack vectors and
that spouliot has committed fixes for not allowing back doors associated
to InternalsVisibleTo attributes, I think it's safe to commit and backport.

Thoughts? Patches attached.



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