[Moonlight-list] Confused about moonlight installation in Firefox 3.5.6 and/or Seamonkey 2.0.1

Burnie West west at ieee.org
Mon Jan 18 22:50:55 EST 2010

I've attempted a couple of times to install moonlight in my x86-64-based 
laptop. When I attempt to open a Silverlight-enabled service named 
freestockcharts.com, Firefox 3.5.6 hangs after a long time saying it is 
"Accessing http://sourceforge.net/projects/stapgui" displaying a 
rotating wheel of little ellipses, then "Transferrring data from 
www.freestockcharts.com", finally ending up with a blank page saying "Done".

My about:plugins display appears to indicate two instances of moonlight 

    Silverlight Plug-In

    File name: libmoonloaderxpi.so

MIME Type 	Description 	Suffixes 	Enabled
application/x-silverlight 	Novell Moonlight 	xaml 	Yes
application/x-silverlight-2 	Novell Moonlight 	

However, attempting the same process in Seamonkey produces no evidence 
of moonlight plugins in about:plugins, and attempting to load 
freestockcharts.com produces the "Install Microsoft Silverlight" splash 
page. It was from my encountering this splash page multiple times that 
the duplicate installation appears to have occurred.

I am unclear on whether I should:

(a) simply remove the two pluginreg.dat entries
   0:application/x-silverlight:Novell Moonlight:xaml:$
   1:application/x-silverlight-2:Novell Moonlight::$
      and reinstall from the splash screen


(b) delete pluginreg.dat (which, while recommended in this mailing list) 
seems like major surgery since there are hundreds of lines in that file


(c) even more simply install a third time from the Seamonkey splash page.

My problem is that I don't understand why I was asked to install 
silverlight twice, and whether or not a third installation will be 
helpful or hurtful, or exactly how to remove the residue of moonlight if 
reinstallation is appropriate.

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