[Moonlight-list] Confused about moonlight installation in Firefox 3.5.6 and/or Seamonkey 2.0.1

Burnie West west at ieee.org
Tue Jan 19 08:39:34 EST 2010

On 01/19/2010 12:03 AM, Rolf Bjarne Kvinge wrote:
> Hi,
>> I've attempted a couple of times to install moonlight in my x86-64-
>> based laptop. When I attempt to open a Silverlight-enabled service named
>> freestockcharts.com, Firefox 3.5.6 hangs after a long time saying it is
>> "Accessinghttp://sourceforge.net/projects/stapgui" displaying a
>> rotating wheel of little ellipses, then "Transferrring data from
>> www.freestockcharts.com", finally ending up with a blank page saying
>> "Done".
> Can you try silverlight.net/showcase? Does that page work?
Page comes up showing multiple thumbnails appearing one at a time, 
several seconds apart.
Clicked on Michael Hill jewelry page.
Alert window appears with "view now" button. Clicked it; normal firefox 
preference dialog came up.
Selected "Visit michaelhill.com".  Introductory page appeared for 
several seconds, but now the screen is black.
"Transferring data from www.michaelhill.com..." appears in the progress 
bar at the bottom of the window.
Seems terribly slow; nothing happens for several minutes.

Now, the screen is still solid black, and the progress bar says :"Done".

My machine is an HP tx2500z 2 GHz laptop with external monitor; ATI 
graphics engine. Should be fast enough, I think.

Went over to Windows 7 - the page seems to come up (feels like) ten 
times faster. Michael Hill website is non responsive, but
the SantaPede game seems to work OK (didn't play it, though, just 
enjoyed the splash screen music for a few seconds - not a gamer).
Returning to Linux - - -

Just had a power outage: big thunderstorm in SF Bay Area; will complete 
this message when my internet connection returns.

Internet is back now -- SantaPede loads but requires "Microsoft Media 
Pack" to run. I'm unsure whether Fedora Linux can handle that, so back 
to another test case.

Checking Telerik Tweets page - the Silverlight rosette appears for about 
ten seconds, then the page goes blank. Progress bar says done.

Conclusion - moonlight doesn't work on my system.

Went to silverlight.net - showcase graphic says "You are running a 
silverlight 3 application. May not work properly on your system."

> I just triedwww.freestockcharts.com  and the same thing happens - from the
> output on the console it seems to be an obfuscated site which moonlight
> doesn't support (obfuscated in an illegal way which happens to work with SL
> since their code verification is lax in some cases).
Thanks much for your detailed responses below, Rolf. Not sure what to do 
>> Myabout:plugins  display appears to indicate two instances of moonlight
>> installed:
>>      Silverlight Plug-In
>>      File name: libmoonloaderxpi.so
>>      3.0.40818.0
>> MIME Type 	Description 	Suffixes 	Enabled
>> application/x-silverlight 	Novell Moonlight 	xaml 	Yes
>> application/x-silverlight-2 	Novell Moonlight
>> 	Yes
> This is normal, the Moonlight 2 plugin handles both Silverlight 1 and
> Silverlight 2 content.
>> However, attempting the same process in Seamonkey produces no evidence
>> of moonlight plugins inabout:plugins, and attempting to load
>> freestockcharts.com produces the "Install Microsoft Silverlight" splash
>> page. It was from my encountering this splash page multiple times that
>> the duplicate installation appears to have occurred.
> Only firefox is known to work.
>> I am unclear on whether I should:
>> (a) simply remove the two pluginreg.dat entries
>>     0:application/x-silverlight:Novell Moonlight:xaml:$
>>     1:application/x-silverlight-2:Novell Moonlight::$
>>        and reinstall from the splash screen
>> OR
>> (b) delete pluginreg.dat (which, while recommended in this mailing
>> list) seems like major surgery since there are hundreds of lines in that
> file
> Firefox will regenerate it automatically (which is why it's not a major
> surgery, and why (a) is a bad idea - the next time you install/uninstall any
> plugin you'll lose your changes). If you don't feel confident in deleting a
> file, you can just rename it. In any case it sounds like your moonlight
> install is working, just not that web page.
> Rolf
>> OR
>> (c) even more simply install a third time from the Seamonkey splash
>> page.
>> My problem is that I don't understand why I was asked to install
>> silverlight twice, and whether or not a third installation will be
>> helpful or hurtful, or exactly how to remove the residue of moonlight
>> if reinstallation is appropriate.
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