[Moonlight-list] 2010 Olympics and Moonlight.

Dean Montgomery dmonty at sd73.bc.ca
Wed Jan 27 15:36:55 EST 2010

Our school district is finding that Moonlight plugin is not working with the live feeds on the 2010 Olympics Websites.


We have tested with
* Debian Lenny (and Etch)
* Ubuntu 9.10
* Kubuntu 9.10
* Mint Linux 8

On rare occasions the Live feed of the torch relay would flash small bits of video and crackly sound then would die.  On one occasion it ran the system out of RAM and locked it up.

We found a work-around by doing a moon-dump and passing the media stream url into VLC or any other Movie Player.

Would it be possible to add a button to moonlight that lets you open the media stream in a 3rd party video player?

Dean Montgomery
Network Support Tech./Programmer
dmonty at sd73.bc.ca
School District #73

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