[Moonlight-list] pixel shader work now in trunk

David Reveman davidr at novell.com
Thu Jan 28 15:40:40 EST 2010

It requires a checkout of the mesa module from freedesktop.org. I
decided to keep the mesa sources out of trunk (at least for now) and not
pull it in as we've done with cairo and pixman, this mostly because of
its size. I'll keep the top-level README file in trunk updated with the
last known revision of mesa to work.

To build moonlight with pixel shader support. Get mesa module from
freedesktop.org. Keep it in the sub-directory to 'moon' or point to it
using the --with-gallium-path= configure option. Make sure the following
two archives have been built in the mesa module before you build


Here's a few sample apps that make use of shader effects:


- david

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