[Moonlight-list] Is Moonlight dead?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Thu Dec 15 21:53:18 EST 2011

> MS already has a tool that does the same  ActiveX...which has the same
> platform issues but does run on more browsers it would be wise to avoid the
> same mistakes.

People keep saying "It is just like ActiveX", when in fact, it is *nothing*
like Active X.

The major differences are:

* ActiveX runs your code with the same user rights as everything else you
are running.   Code downloaded from ActiveX has full control of your
system, the only measure of protection you have is "Well, at least it was
signed by FooBar, and I trust FooBar".   ActiveX sole security system is
the dialog box that says "About to run code Foo written by Bar, do you want
to allow it?".

* NativeClient provides a sandbox.   So you can connect to *any* website
that embeds some native client component, and you know that it does not
matter how nasty the code tries to be, at best, they will flash some ugly
HTML to you, but they wont get access to your system, wont get access to
your files, wont be opening any sockets, and basically can not be used as a
vehicle for trojans or viruses.

* ActiveX depends on the Win32 API, so it limited to work only on Windows

* NativeClient provides a POSIX-ish API that runs on all supported systems.

Anyway JavaScript and HTML5 is going from strength to strength with better
> tooling such as the new javascript libs  (eg Knockout for MMVM and binding

If you like Javascript, by all means, use Javascript.

The point of NativeClient is to get better performance.   Just because
Javascript is faster now, does not make it suitable for high-performance
work, which is required for things like games:


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